Hi, I'm Matthew Hutton.

and this is my photography blog.
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This is My Story

Obviously my name is Matt, I’m a photography lover and aspiring professional photography. Currently located in the amazing and beautifully weird Portland, Oregon. Originally from the Montanta.

Currently working on building my photography into a full time business. Really interested in working with businesses all around the world, taking product/real estate photographs and helping small businesses build their online presence. Excited to see where 2015 and beyond takes me.

  • Family Man 100%
  • Dreamer 90%
  • Photographer 80%
  • Nerd 70%
  • Business Man 60%
  • Gear Lover 50%

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Nikon D750 Review – This Shizz is Cray

Nikon D750 Product Review – Should You Buy It? The Nikon D750 is now available on Amazon.com One of the most well-renowned names when it comes to cameras, the Nikon D750 is well known for being an excellent beginner’s camera. Simple as well as easy to use with all the...

Nikon D5500 Review – This thing is fantastic!

The D5500 is an upper-entry-level DSLR camera that has been launched to replace the D5300 model. D5500 features a 24.2MP DX-format sensor and no optical low pass filter. Among the improvements over the previous model are included the addition of a fully articulated...

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