A little about me

I was born in Brisbane, QLD and moved to Geraldton, W.A when I was 7 but my love for photography didn't happen until I moved to Wickham, W.A located in the Pilbara.

It wasn't until I experienced some of the most breathtaking sunsets, landscapes and local national parks that I realised I had a passion for photography and have pursued it ever since.

I work for Rio Tinto Rail and I get paid to travel around this awesome country we live in.

I am a self taught photographer and have had to learn everything from scratch. I find I am learning and maturing every day and am slowly finding my own unique style.

I am 31 yrs old and a happy father of 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful fiance who I wouldn't be here today without her support.

I hope you have enjoyed my site and my photos and please feel free to keep checking in as I will try my best to provide you with best that Australia has to offer!

Matt Hutton